Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This time we did use the kitchen

*All photos courtesy of Danielle Henderson
The last time we made waffles over at my friends Jon and Lea’s house we had to do it like this because their kitchen was completely gutted for renovations. It has been many many months but the kitchen is finally functional, and while it is not entirely finished, Lea and Jon invited everyone over for a Memorial Day brunch Sunday morning.

The kitchen looks beautiful, Lea made scrambled eggs, home fries, and fresh carrot/pineapple juice that were to die for, plus this delicious cinnamon role (made out of pizza dough that she bought from a local bakery). And Jon, good Pennsylvanian boy that he is, ironed up some tasty waffles which we all drizzled with blueberry compote, maple syrup, and Greek yogurt.

I may have mentioned before that both Jon and Lea are talented potters, so Sunday morning we drank and ate off of their beautifully handcrafted plates and mugs. Coffee and waffles definitely taste better this way.

I forgot my camera to document the deliciousness, but the lovely Danielle was there and managed to take all these pictures. All photo credits go completely to her! Her camera’s battery died 20  minutes in but being the resourceful type of lady that she is, she merely gave the battery a couple of licks and it worked like a charm!

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