Sunday, December 20, 2009

It Arrived!

I'm happy to report that Simon held up his end of the beet bargain and when he returned home Friday night he was indeed bearing Mrs. Prop's delicious raspberry vodka infusion, per our arrangement. (It turned out to be vodka after all, not rum). The mason jar was already half empty (or half full depending on how you look at it...I guess) and Simon said this was because he felt he deserved some of it since he had arranged the whole barter. And then my mother said she also deserved some since she grew the beets, technically. So ok, I give them that- but the rest is mine!
This infusion is delicious and deadly since the fruit really masks the fiery burn from the hard liquor. I have to remind myself to drink it slowly. Over ice with a pfeffernusse cookie is especially lovely.
We are buried under 18 inches of snow in Rhode Island today and I am not going anywhere. I should grade the stack of papers I took home with me for the weekend but a tromp through the snow followed by a modest glass of this by the fire is much more appealing. Happy holidays everyone!

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